Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins Are Done!

I am glad I finally carved our pumpkins this afternoon. I tried to get pictures of the girls with the pumpkins and that did not happen. I am beginning to think I will not get a picture of the two of them together to send out in our Christmas cards as they never want to look at the camera at the same time. I get plenty of crazy photos. Does anyone have any tips?

I totally have pumpkin on the brain right now so I am thinking of making a pumpkin latte tomorrow or maybe even some more pumpkin cookies. We don't have any plans until Saturday so maybe we will make lots of pumpkin recipes over the next couple of days.

The girlies and I were invited to a Halloween party on Saturday with folks from James' unit so it saves me from figuring out what I was going to do with them. I don't really want to take them trick or treating because they are too little but I want to dress them up even though they won't stay in their costumes for long. We will be pulling out their sweet little tutus to wear. I am sure Lolo will keep her tutu on because we get it on her she wears it all day long. Aubrey would rather take it off with a grand show and then toss it on the floor.

We found out last year that Halloween is an American holiday and while the German's are starting to pick up on some of the American traditions the girls and I can not go trick or treating in the neighborhood because they would think we are crazy. Last year we had a couple of German kids come trick or treating but I am not sure if they dressed up or not. We had our carved pumpkins at the end of our driveway and since our town is small they know that Americans live here.

As much as I like the fall holidays I really have Christmas on the running through me right now. I have no idea why but I have been tempted to pop in my Christmas music and put up my tree! My sweet friend Stephanie and I were discussing our holiday cards the other day and flipping through the Paper Crafts Holiday Cards and More issue. I feel so inspired to sit down and make some projects after seeing all the beauitful cards, packaging and decorations in the magazine. I hope to complete a few up next week so I will post pictures as soon as I finish.

One a super positive note we are half way through this deployment!!!! That is super exciting for me. These past few months have really been stinky without James here.

I realized I have been going pretty long between posts and I like blogging so I will attempt to blog more.

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