Saturday, April 12, 2014

We’re recovering from this…

Spring Break 1

For our spring break, I loaded up the dog and the girls and we headed south.  We dropped the pup off with my mom and then went to Florida to visit my dad.  We went all over St. Petersburg and enjoyed the Rays home opening game, a trip to the beach and a visit to The Florida Aquarium.  The weather was beautiful, the food (and beer) was delicious and the company was excellent. 

SB 5

Spring Break 9

I was terrified of the long drive without my husband but the girls were so, so good in the car and traffic on the way down was fine.  On the way back it was terrible but we made it safely so that’s all that matters.  The dog had fun at my mom’s making friends with her puppy and cat.  It was a great vacation for everyone.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow Day!

Penny Jan 17

We have well over an inch of snow today and that is a lot for my little Kentucky town.  The schools were closed so we bundled up and went out to play.  My puppy loves being outside and really loved the cold snow on her nose but was less enthusiastic about her doggy coat. 

Jan 17