Monday, March 7, 2011

Body Art

A couple of weeks ago James and I were cleaning.  James was picking up the toys and markers that had been pushed under the couch either by the cats or the girls and I was mopping the kitchen and laundry room.  Even though James was in the livingroom with the girls Lolo was able to sneak into a corner and give herself some dots...all over. 

Lolo even managed to add plenty of spots to her tummy!  Good thing it was a Crayola Washable marker and it pretty much all washed off.  Just a few faint spots were left behind. 

I am amazed at all the things Lolo has done that her big sister hasn't!  Aubrey has never written all over herself or tried to get into things she shouldn't.  I have to watch Lolo like a hawk!  :-)

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