Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The baby pigeon has disappeared. I have no idea where he went and I am a little sad. Really. I seriously am. I really wanted him to be ok and the girls loved watching him out the window. I hope I don't have to worry about pigeon babies ever again! They are creepy little buggers.

James has been gone 6 weeks now and time has actually gone by pretty quickly. Not fast enough but quicker than I imagined it would and for that I am grateful.

I have been doing a few sewing projects and am glad for the distraction. I have completed a cute little tote bag (minus a button) and a Christmas tree skirt in the past 2 days. I know it is early for Christmas projects but I really wanted to get it taken care of so I wouldn't feel stressed to finish it on time. I hope to post pictures of the tote bag once I get the button sewn on tomorrow. It is cute and I am so proud of the way it turned out. I also ordered some prints from Shutterfly and once they get here I need to spend some time getting caught up on my scrapbooks. They have really taken a back seat lately to card making and now sewing. I am so happy I have great hobbies.
Finally, the cute picture of Lolo was taken earlier in the month. I just love this picture for a couple reasons. First, look how blue her eyes are! How gorgeous! Next, her perfect round face. Finally, I love how I was able to capture Aubrey way in the back of the picture. I just love it when I am able to capture such perfect photos of my girlies!

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