Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kinder Karnival

Today I took the girls out to post so we could check out the Kinder Karnival that was going on. I am always a little hesitant to do such things on my own because the girls can be a handful but things went well and the girls ended up having fun. The crowd was very small and super easy to get around. There was a couple of bouncy castles, a ball pit, games, face painting, balloons, small merry go round, karaoke and snacks. Aub and Lolo loved the merry go round and the bouncy castle on the second try. The first time I put them in the bouncy castle they both bailed out really quickly but I gave it another try before we left and they loved it! I couldn't Lolo to come out so I had to lean in and pull her out! I am so glad they had a great time because they really needed it. They played hard and were asleep in about 20 minutes once they settled into bed. I wish this was something they could do more often.

Frame is from House of 3.

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