Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fishy Project

I have spent some time looking for projects that I can do with the girls. I found a cute project kit online that involved fish and tissue paper but the shipping was outrageous so I set out to create my own version of the project. I cut fish out from construction paper, cut some double sided adhesive sheets to fit on the middle of the fish and then cut up some bits of tissue paper. Easy...took me maybe 20 minutes to prepare. I put the girls into their high chairs and we got to work decorating our colorful fish. Lolo tossed her bits of tissue paper onto her fish and Aubrey took longer putting each piece down. I grabbed crayons to draw on eyes and Aubrey wanted to do that part on her own. I think we ended up with a really cute and easy craft that held their attention just long enough for the activity to be fun. We hung the fish up on our arts and crafts wall so they can check out their pieces of art.

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