Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For the past week and a half I have been doing a lot of sewing. I have completed 2 tote bags, a Christmas tree skirt, 3 table runners, 1 crayon roll and 2 crayon notebooks! I am tired just thinking about it. I have 1 more tote bag to make and a cover for a book. Once I get my sewing machine put away I don't think I will pull it out again for a long while. I have some pictures I need to be scrapbooking so I can attempt to get caught up on the girls albums.

James and I just installed Skype on our computers so we can make video calls. We tried it today and it is great. Lolo was so happy to see her daddy. She sat in my lap saying "daddy" and waving to James! It was so stinking cute. I love that she was so excited to see him.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. The girls and I just hung out at home. The weather was chilly and Lolo has come down with a bit of cold which Aubrey and I have now. I hope this passes soon and we don't start a vicious cycle of continually being sick.

In case anyone is wondering about the fabric on the bag...it is Amy Butler. I just love it and I am so proud of my bag.

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paulawessells said...

This looks great Shanon!!! You have been busy -