Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love Lived Here

This is where many of my childhood memories took place. This is the home where we spent every Christmas and Easter. I can still see my entire family gathered around the table, laughing as the food was passed around. My Grandpa saying a prayer, grateful for another chance to be together. My Grandma fussing over the food and making sure there was always more than enough. This was the best place to be. There were always treats to be eaten and lots of hugs to be given. Two of the most amazing people lived here and now they are gone. Some days it is hard for me to accept that a very important part of my life is gone forever.

Thank you Aunt Barb for mailing me the box full of memories and keepsakes! I will cherish them always and can't wait to share stories of our amazing family with Aubrey and Lorelei as the grow up.

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