Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Kind of Day

After the girls went to bed last night I was thinking about the day and realized that it was the perfect kind of day. Nothing huge took place but the memories are all in the small things that happened. All 3 of us danced around the living room listening to Taylor Swift. Aubrey with George, Lolo and was something we do just about every weekday but yesterday it was sweeter. Lolo was sitting on the floor and doing her own little dance that she started doing recently. It is a little bit of bouncing and arm swinging. It always makes me laugh to see her happy and doing her own thing. We spent some time outside and I think spring might really be here. Aubrey loves to be outside. Her brain is working overtime while we are out there and she gets really excited. When I checked on them for the last time before I went to bed my heart just felt so full of love. I want to freeze that exact moment in my mind and heart forever, to remember Aubrey at 2 and Lorelei knocking on the door to her first birthday, the peacefulness on their faces while they were sleeping. Yesterday was the best kind of day I could ever ask for. Thank you Aubrey and Lorelei for loving your mommy and being so forgiving of my faults. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

You know, you are a very loving mom and the girls are very lucky to have you. It's not everyone who can appreciate all the small things like how happy a day can be with nothing more than the simple things in life. Treasure these moments and if you can, find a way to save these little insights for the future; not just for the girls but for you as well. Time will fly and sometimes there will be challenges to meet but if you can take time to remember these special moments you'll be fine. Love to you and the lovely family you're raising. Beth