Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning is so not my thing!

When I was working I always told James that if he wanted a spotless house I needed to stay at home or hire a maid. Working all day and then coming home to clean was just not high on my list. I realized that staying at home does not equal a clean house for me. I try. I really, really do but life just seems to get in the way. We are not eating on dirty dishes or anything like that but my living room looks like a tornado has blown through it every single day. Today I cleaned half of the living room, yup, that's right...half of it. I tried cleaning the other half on Tuesday. Our living room is big but I should be able to do it all in one afternoon. Instead I have sectors because the girls just seem to keep one sector cleaner than the other. They are just all over the place. Nothing is safe from their little fingers. It is all part of having a toddler and mobile 11 month old. Many things in life are unexpected but my messy house is not a surprise to me anymore.

Here is something that is not messy.....a scrapbook page I did for Aubrey's album from her first Easter Egg Hunt last year. I am going to say this many more times in the next several weeks as we celebrate both Aubrey's and Lorelei's birthdays...time goes by so fast!

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