Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost A Week Into It

Tomorrow will be a week since James left. We have survived the first week of many, many more. I managed to mow the lawn yesterday while the girls played safely in the fenced in patio. The girls seem to be doing ok except for today. Aubrey woke me up at 3:30 this morning with a 101.7 fever. I gave her some Childrens Tylenol and some juice and we went back to sleep. She is still running a fever and has even taken a nap today. We are on the 3rd dose to tylenol and I am hoping the fever starts coming down soon. Lolo has decided that she wants to climb on everything then scream when she can't get down. I have been running all over the house trying to keep her off of things with minimal success. Lolo has also been fighting off nap time. The other day I found her passed out on the floor by the couch laying on a pillow with her butt up in the air. I am amazed that kids really can sleep anywhere. I was working on a scrapbook layout yesterday and the girls managed to grab the picture before it was completely finished printing so they have been sharing a picture of their daddy for the past 24 hours. We even made James a quick little video last night using our webcam. I had to download the new software for the camera and we were good to go. I love being able to send little snippets of the girls to James.

This is just a quick little post today as I should be getting some other things done. I just wanted to add a few pictures from this past week.

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