Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Has Been A Long Week

The past week has just not been my friend. I haven't been feeling too great (which I blame partly on staying up all night reading) and the girls have been little hellions. In the middle of the afternoon I can barely keep my eyes open and since Aubrey does not take naps I don't either. I sure could use one though. I imagine even if Aubrey did take it nap it wouldn't be at the same time as Lolo's nap.

I was lucky to get some great photos of the girls this week. I converted this one of Aubrey to black and white because our bathroom is an ugly green color and I didn't want it in the picture. I can't wait to get back to the states and get settled down...I want to be able to decide what colors are in my house. Back to the photo - I love it! It has become my new favorite of Aubrey!
Lolo has learned from watching Aubrey that as soon as I take a picture she can see it in the back of the camera so she just won't sit still for a photo. Thank goodness our camera can take qucik shots back to back. On a funny note, Lolo discovered her belly button this week. I have been smiling all week because if she is quite for a long time I will usually find her sitting on the couch with her shirt pulled up and playing with her belly button. She is fascinated with it right now and Aubrey has never paid attention to hers.
We have no plans for the upcoming week, things have slowed down for us since James has left. I don't mind, honestly, because it gives me a break. No diaper bag to pack, no worries about the girls misbehaving in public and I don't have to feel overwhelmed with strollers.

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