Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minus Four

No I am not talking about the temperature. It has been 4 weeks since James left. 4 very long weeks. We have just over 5 more months until he comes home.

I have been trying to get the girls onto a real bedtime schedule. Aubrey has no interest in potty training but I will give it another try this week. I bought some pretty neat things to bribe her so I hope it works. Lolo is really picking up on words and I am surprised at how many she has added to her vocabulary since James left. Sweet Lolo has taken it upon herself to make sure Aubrey gets a drink before she will get her own. Lolo insists on carrying Aubrey's cup and hands it over to her sister before she grabs hers. It is sweet and Lolo is so proud of herself. She grins, I clap and Aubrey is happy to get a drink. We all win!

We have our good days and bad days. Today is just a bad day. The girls are fussy. It is hot. And I am worn out and emotional. It is hard being the only parent. We manage to get along most days but I think we are all emotional today. I am going to finish the day off with a glass or two of wine and a few episodes of Friends. And hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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