Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Been A Year!

It has been a year since we moved to Germany and I thought I would make a little list of the things I have learned since our arrival. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Old ladies do not like to lock the doors in public restrooms...obviously I have found this out the hard way and more than once.
2. Schinken does not mean Chicken.
3. Just because Germans drive on the Autobahn does not mean they are good drivers...heavy on the gas and hard on the brakes.
4. There is road work supposedly being done every where...I say supposedly because I hardly see anyone working.
5. Why is schnitzel not popular in the States? You can never go wrong with schnitzel and fries.
6. Do not eat the tomato sauce...I would rather eat tomato paste straight from a can.
7. We have the slowest Internet connection just hasn't made its way 5 km outside of a large town.
8. IKEA is great no matter when you live.
9. Getting a coffee to go is pretty damn difficult. I miss grabbing Starbucks before hitting the road.
10. German Eis is way better than American Ice Cream. It is so much creamier here.
11. Motorcycle riders are covered from head to toe in protective gear but you can't find a shopping cart or high chair with a safety strap.

There is much more but it is late and my brain is ready to shut down. Look for more lessons learned in a future blog post.

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Deanna said...

Great list! Not things someone who hasn't been there would think of! Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well with your husband and he returns home safely very soon!