Friday, April 17, 2009

Vacation Tales Part I

We had a great vacation even though it just flew by too quickly. It was nice to not have to worry about things and just kinda do whatever we wanted. No schedules, no where to be. It was perfect.

We went to visit the Secret Garden Habitat at The Mirage. Aubrey loved the dolphins and we were able to sit right along the wall and watch them swim around for a bit. They had the cutest little leopard cub as well and we had a good time watching him play around with his trainer. He was an aggressive little devil but sweet at the same time.

We went to Hoover Dam and checked it all out. We couldn't do the dam tour because the girls are too young but I just wanted to check it out because I had never been there before. It was super windy just so you don't think I didn't brush Aubrey's hair that morning.

I got some much needed retail therapy! There is something to be said about shopping online in my jammies but I would much rather hit the stores and was so glad I got a few things I have had a hard time finding here.

I have many more photo's to share from our Vegas leg of the trip on a day that I make the effort to get on the laptop and save them onto my external hard drive and then onto here. It will happen, someday. I will make the effort to add some of the Nashville pictures and tales soon.

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