Friday, April 24, 2009

"Field Trip"

On Wednesday we took the train into Nuremberg to visit the Nazi Documentation Museum. It was a very well put together display of the rise and fall of the Nazi party. The museum was housed in an uncompleted portion of a planned stadium that the Nazi party was building. There were a lot of photos but it was mostly an audio tour through the self guided museum. We had an audio handset that we used and just punched in the codes at each photo board. It was very extensive and after listening to every single code through 7 rooms (about an hour or so just to get to that room) I gave up and listened to about half of the displays after that. Lazy, I know, but we had the girls and they were very well behaved I wasn't going to make them sit through so much. James found it interesting (and was a bit disappointed) that they never mentioned any of the troop movements or invasions of the other countries that took place. Not a single map or photo of the war itself. The history of the Nazi Party, concentration camps and Nuremberg trials were addressed. It was very interesting place to visit and learn about a very important time in the not too distant past.

After the museum we walked over to the Nuremberg Volksfest. A volksfest is much like an American fair or carnival. There was food, games, beer gardens/tents and rides. We walked around, had a drink with James' coworkers and got somethings to eat. James ended up with a Radler, which is a mix of beer with maybe a lemonade or something similar, and he didn't like it so I drank about half of it. These mugs are HUGE so there was no way I was going to ever finish that drink. When I first heard of this mix I was totally turned off but after tasting it I can see myself having one in the was pretty tasty!

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