Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life Weeks 3 & 4

I’ve been staying current with my Project Life so far and I do love this project!  Due to some less than perfect weather days I haven’t had many chances to photograph my weekly spreads because the lighting has been off.  I gave it a go last Friday and it looks ok.

Project Life Week 3

I mostly used the Seafoam Core Kit cards but added a little bit of Echo Park digital patterned paper that I sized to a 3x4 card to use as a filler.  It is bright and cheery, unlike the dreary start to our week.

PL Week 3A

My hubby and I had our first date night in over 5 years!  Crazy, huh?  We dropped the girls off with my mom and spent a night in Nashville!  We met up with one of JG’s old military friends and we went to dinner and did a little bit of bar hopping.  We ended the night at Margaritaville.  I love live music and Josh Helms was fantastic!

PL Week 3B

Week 4 included Aub’s first bad weather day!  She was excited to get a long weekend.

Project Life Week 4

I used another card for Technique Tuesday here (everyday) and the Seafoam kit for the rest.  I found my cats in their usually spot on my bed and was treated to an impromptu puppet show.

PL Week 4A

I went to Starbucks and picked up their free song of the week offering so I attached it to a blank grid card with a piece of washi tape.  I found some old stamps and used them for the “No School” title.  I went to wake Aub up and found Lolo in bed with her sissy!  They love each other so much and have been having “sleep overs” in each other’s bedrooms on the weekends.  Aub was also invited to her first birthday party and she had a blast!

PL Week 4B

I love this project so much!  It is forcing me to pick up my big girl camera more often.  I do use my iPhone a lot.  I decided not to fret if I don’t get a photo every day.  It just fill it in with something else.  It is not a big deal to me at all.

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