Monday, January 28, 2013

Disneyland Paris 2012–Part I (finally)

My husband was looking at the blog and asked me when I planned on posting photos from our final trips in Europe, because, well, you know our trip to France was last March!  Gah!  I must confess that I haven’t even edited them let alone had them printed. 

I do have a few photos from Disneyland ready to be printed so I figured I would share some here. 

We had some fantastic weather and an amazing husband/daddy who splurged on a few experiences for us since this trip was the girls’ birthday present.  Our first night there we had dinner at Café Mickey.  The girls liked their food but the characters,um, they were not so sure.  You’ll see a few photos without Lolo because she was too scared to sit over there!

The food was good here.  We had read some reviews where people slammed it but we enjoyed it.  The girls had chocolate mousse for dessert and it was a huge hit!

Disney Cafe Mickey Dinner

Disney Cafe Mickey Dinner 5

Disney Cafe Mickey Dinner 6

Disney Cafe Mickey Dinner 9

Disney Cafe Mickey Dinner 10

Another evening we went to a dinner show, Buffalo Bills Wild West show.  Wow!  That was sooooo much fun!  We got cowboy hats to wear and we did a lot of yee-hawing!  The girls were so into this show and the food was delicious, too!  It was some serious cowboy food with chili, cornbread, chicken, potatoes and dessert. 

The show was super interactive and had cowboy games where you cheered on your team (based on the color of your hats) and our team won.  The show was for sure one of the highlights of the trip. Besides, little girls yelling yee-haw for days straight is too cute and a solid indication that they enjoyed the experience.

These photos are not great but we couldn’t use the flash because it could distract/startle the animals.

We had such an amazing time on this trip!  The girls were at a much better age this time and really enjoyed every moment.  I loved their enthusiasm and excitement at everything we did and it was contagious.

I’ll have just one more post on Disneyland Paris sometime this week and then I’ll share our visit to Normandy!  I feel in love with the Normandy countryside and our American history is so rich and intertwined with French history in that region that it was a true learning experience for us.

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