Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crochet Projects

Pinterest gave me a renewed interest in crochet and I have had at least one crochet project in the works constantly since I started back at it in the late summer.  Thanks to fabulous projects on Pinterest, some great videos on You Tube and free patterns from bloggers and Red Heart I have been busy. 

My most recently completed project was a crib sized (lap sized) blanket that I will be sending to my mom to add to our donation stash for the local cancer center there.  It was an easy project and I love ripples!  I need to find some great colors so I can make one for me.  I used the Windsor Ripple throw pattern from Red Heart this one.

Purple Grey Ripple

Since this one is now finished I started a baby blanket for a friend.  Good thing her due date isn’t until April so I have a little bit of time to finish it.  I haven’t really worked on it much lately because I have been busy scrapbooking/card making instead.  I need to get back at it though.  I am using the Rickrack Rainbow Baby Blanket pattern, also from Red Heart, for it.  The colors are a little bit off…the pink looks kind of salmon colored but it is really a soft pink. 

Baby Ric Rak

Have you recently fell in love with a new hobby or picked up a renewed interest in an old favorite?  I would love to hear about it!

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