Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zadar, Croatia

I was looking back at my blog posts and I cannot believe I didn’t finish blogging our trip to Croatia in June.  It was by far the best trip we have taken in the 3 years we have lived in Europe!  I loved everything! 
The third place we visited was Zadar, located on the northern end of the Dalmatian Coast.  We spent 3 nights here and stayed at the Villa Valentina.  The hostess, Anna, was so nice and helpful and the rooms were comfortable.  I would highly recommend anyone planning a trip to Zadar to look here first!
The city is very easy to walk around and the old town is on a peninsula with a wall around part of it.  I really enjoyed the relaxed feel of the city.  We wandered around and admired the simple beauty.
Croatia Zadar 1
Croatia Zadar 5
Kiwi growing at our hotel!  There were fruit trees all over.
Croatia Zadar 6
Croatia Zadar 8
Croatia Zadar 13
Zadar has an amazing Sea Organ!  These rectangular holes are along the steps so you can sit and listen to the “sea play music”.  That was Aubrey’s favorite part of the city.
Croatia Zadar 15
Croatia Zadar 17
We climbed many stairs to the top of this tower and were rewarded with beautiful views of the city, Adriatic Sea and surrounding islands.
Croatia Zadar 24
Croatia Zadar 27
Croatia Zadar 36
Croatia Zadar 42
Enjoying the last bit of daylight while listening to the Sea Organ on the steps.   The waves were so beautiful as they rolled in.
Croatia Zadar 44
This is Salutations to the Sun, designed by the same gentleman who created the Sea Organ.  During the day it is a giant solar panel and at night it lights up and changes colors according to the waves!  It was pretty amazing!
Croatia Zadar 45
Croatia Zadar 48

I know I mentioned before how excited I was for this trip and I was not disappointed!  I loved, loved, loved this country!  The food was delicious, the scenery was gorgeous and the people were so friendly.  I still have two more locations in Croatia to share. 
Thanks for stopping by and joining me in this virtual tour of Croatian vacation!


Marko said...

I am glad you enjoyed the trip. It is definitely a great location for taking great photos. They make me wanna go there as soon as possible again.

Paula said...

this is on the list....