Monday, October 3, 2011

It has been so long

I cannot believe I haven’t blog in a month!  I have been busy with so many things this past month that I have let the blogging slide even though I have missed it. 


In the past 4 weeks I have learned to make sandwich bread from scratch and have made it twice now.  Fresh bread is pretty amazing and as long as I have the time to make my own I will from now on.  The girls like it and it makes yummy sandwiches.  I have also made 2 batches of homemade applesauce.  When we move back to the States I want to learn how to can it so I can get the most bang for my buck.  I don’t have room in my freezer to freeze it so we eat applesauce at nearly every meal until it is finished.


Thanks to I have learned how to crochet a shell stitch and managed to make a scarf.  I also made a blanket using a different stitch and well on my way to a second blanket.  Next up I want to make a blanket using the granny ripple pattern and some cute crochet hats.


I uploaded many, many prints to Shutterfly and ordered a free photo book, over 400 prints and 10 free photo cards.  Our internet is super duper slow so it really does take a long time to get everything uploaded.  I always intend on uploading after each trip but the task is so daunting that I never do. 


I have been spending too much time on Pinterest!  I am really addicted to that site and I love all the creative ideas that are shared.  Now when I am looking for a new craft idea or recipe I head there first to see what I have pinned to my boards. 

Crazy Girls

Of course I have been a busy “single” mom while JG is deployed.  These girls keep me extra busy!  For the most part they have adjusted to their daddy being away but Aubrey is ready for him to come home now.  She asks every day how much longer until he comes back and when I tell her she says that is such a long time.  Lolo misses him as well but she is really in her own little world most of the time that she doesn’t talk so much about it.  If JG calls on Skype and she doesn’t get to at least say “hi” that brings on a bunch of tears.  But overall we have gotten along just fine.  Just over 2 months in and the time has gone by fairly fast.  I am looking forward to the holidays since they tend to be a bit busier. 


I hope to get back into a better blogging routine soon.  I hope life has been treating you all well!

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