Friday, May 20, 2011

Vienna Day 2

On our second day in Vienna we went to the Schönbrunn Palace (you can read that post here) and then took the U-bahn to the Museum Quarter.  We had lunch at a local bakery and then grabbed Starbucks before we headed out.  There are several passages in the Museum Quarter and each one was painted differently.  I like how the red pops off the white and the painting is pretty interesting to look at in this particular archway.

After leaving the Museum Quarter we came right upon the Hofburg Palace.  This building is huge and spectacular.  The Hofburg Imperial Apartments, the Hofburg Treasury Tour and the Spanish Riding School, home to the famous Lipizzaner Stallions are all housed within the palace.  Since it was mid-afternoon we missed the chance to see the horses practice but we strolled around the exterior of the building and enjoyed the sun.

JG wanted to ride a ginormous ferris wheel that is in Vienna so we made our way to the amusement park where it was located.  The park had free admission and you only had to pay for the attractions you wanted to ride.  How fantastic is that?  The girls rode ponies for the first time ever and surprisingly both girls loved it.  Lolo is timid and afraid of many things but she was all smiles while riding the pony.  Aubrey was excited from the start. 

Any Amazing Race fans out there?  Did you watch this past season?  If so, then ferris wheel in the photo should look familiar to you.  We were in Vienna before the episode was aired and since we are dorks we thought it was pretty cool to visit a place and then see it on T.V.  This is not the ferris wheel JG rode.  He rode in a bigger, regular car type one and took some aerial photos. 

After this we headed back to our hotel so we could get ready for dinner.  JG talked to the desk clerk and she told us about a fabulous little wine bar right up the street called Bunt.  I had a delicious spicy chicken curry, JG had a steak and the girls had schnitzel.  I need to remember to bring my camera to dinner with us as I would totally share the photos.  Our waiter was very nice and the decor was a bit eclectic and fun.  It was a great way to wrap up our quick, last minute trip to Vienna. 

I hope maybe we can sneak back one more time before we move back to the USA but it is unlikely to happen.  I would love to tour some of the palace museums and maybe even watch the horses.  Our time is running short here and with JG preparing for another deployment =( we lose that much more time.  I am not much of a solo traveler since traveling with the girls alone can be difficult at times. 

Thanks for stopping by today!  I enjoy sharing our photos and experiences with you! 

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DanaMK said...

Love your pictures and hearing about your adventures! Since I've never been to the parts of Europe you have visited, I love it!