Monday, May 9, 2011

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Back in early April we planned a list minute trip to Vienna, Austria.  While we were there we learned that there as an Easter Market at Schönbrunn Palace.  It is always fun to see how other countries celebrate holidays so we stopped at the palace to have a look around and it was just a few subway stops away from our hotel.

The palace was beautiful and we were able to wander around the grounds as we wanted.  There were a lot of joggers/runners here but the dirt paths were very wide and could easily accommodate everyone.  The Easter Market was in the front of the grounds and had ton of food booths that smelled so yummy.  JG was interviewed by a local reporter and the girls did not want to have their photo taken.

The back of the palace opened up onto some gardens, a fountain and rows of perfectly aligned trees.  The palace was a summer home of the Habsburgs and they certainly lived extravagantly.

If we would have had a bit more time we would have visited the Imperial Zoo, Europe's oldest, which is right on the palace grounds and possibly joined a tour of the interior of the palace as well.  One could spend a good chunk of their day here but we were only in Vienna for 2 days so we had to hurry on our way but we certainly enjoyed our time at Schönbrunn Palace and the amazing grounds. 



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DanaMK said...

So, so pretty! It makes me think of Versailles with the architecture, fountains and gardens. Thanks for sharing with us!