Monday, May 16, 2011

Slow Day

This weekend was a slow one and honestly my favorite kind (minus the rain we had).  We ran a couple of errands on Saturday and on Sunday I made some cards and a mess on the diningroom table in the process.  Today things are slow, including my internet, and I don't have a post planned.  I have been editing and uploading some photos from April and thought I would share my favorites of JG and the girls from the month.

Lolo on her 3rd Birthday

Aubrey in Bruges, Belgium

JG in Bruges, Belgium

I have photos from Vienna and the Melk Abbey that I am excited to share and will try to get them up on Wednesday.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day and thanks for swinging by today!


DanaMK said...

Great photos! They're awesome!!

Lauram said...

Fantastic photos! I love the one of DD in Belgium.