Friday, March 26, 2010


I have a confession to make and it actually embarrasses me slightly so please don't judge me too harshly.  I wasn't very excited to visit Paris!  I know!  How crazy is that?  At first I was very excited to go but then I thought well maybe we should just visit the Eiffel Tower and while we were at Disneyland I even told James that we didn't have to make the journey into the city if he didn't want to.  What was I thinking?!?!?!?!?  Paris is fantastic and I am now sad that we didn't get to see very much at all.  So I am going share some photos of the sites we were able to see.

Our first stop was the Arc de Triomphe which Napoleon had built to commemorate his victory at the battle of Austerlitz.  This was a site to see as the arch is very detailed and because traffic there is absolutely insane.  We were surprised that the Arc is right above the train station.  Since we had to switch trains here it was worth the quick stop. 

I am not sure why we don't have a better photo but James refused to share the camera so I didn't know what he had taken until we downloaded these at home.  Have I mentioned before that the camera is actually mine and that James insists that he is the better photographer even though he has no idea how to use it? 

The second stop was at the Eiffel Tower and it was as stunning as I imagined it to be. The walk from the train station to the tower was annoying because people are trying to sell you cheap miniature Eiffel Tower souvenirs and they are about 5 feet apart so it is non-stop harassment. As our luck would have it there was some work being done on the tower so 2 of the legs were closed and making the lines for the elevators 45 minutes long, as I mentioned above we were short on time and did not wait to go up. We could have taken the stairs but with the girls and a stroller I wasn't feeling that at all. Some may call me lazy but it was an honest attempt at saving my sanity.

Our third and final stop for the day was the famed Notre-Dame Cathedral. This beautiful building is over 700 years old and well worth the visit.  We arrived right before they closed the gates and so we only got pictures of the outside. Notice the scaffolding across the street? I swear every place we go something is covered in scaffolding and really screws up our photos!  At least the covering shows gives you a little idea of what you can't see.

As we made our way to the train station it was dark and we managed to get some decent photos considering we did not have our tripod with us.  It was a beautiful way to end our very long day!

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Jamie said...

Looks like you had a great time - beautiful pictures! Jamie Q