Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today the girls and I dyed Easter eggs since we will not have time on Saturday.  I was a little worried about how it would all turn out considering I do not have the most patient toddlers on the planet but my girls have never been better behaved and excited at the same time.  They were fascinated with the entire process and were more than willing to sit and help me out. 

Aubrey only wanted to use the cup filled with pink dye but Lolo, as always, went with the flow.  She didn't care what cup I sat in front of her as long as she got one.  They let me do all the dipping and removing and they were very quick to tell me they wanted another egg in their cups.  We didn't do anything fancy as far as decorating goes.  The kit came with some stickers but once Lolo put her sticker on the egg she banged it against the table and it cracked.  I am pretty sure she did that just because she wanted to eat the egg.  Then of course once Aubrey noticed that Lolo was eating an egg she wanted to do the same thing.  They LOOOOOVE hard boiled eggs and would eat them every day if I let them. 

The eggs are now safely sitting in the fridge and at some point tomorrow I will peel them all so I can make deviled eggs.  I also promised the girls we could make some sugar cookies tomorrow as well.  They enjoy being in the kitchen with me and I enjoy them being with me when I am baking but not so much when I am trying to cook dinner.  Aub and Lolo can share the cookies with their daddy when he comes home tomorrow after a 3 night work thing. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter while remembering the reason why we celebrate the holiday.   

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