Monday, December 7, 2009

It Was an Experience!

On Saturday morning all 3 of us got up early and got ready to leave the house. Saturday was the day we were going to meet Santa Claus. I put Aubrey and Lolo in cute little green and brown dresses and pulled Aubrey's hair into a braid. We left home around 9:30 and pulled into the Grafenwohr Px parking lot at 11:00. Santa was arriving at noon so I took my girlies into the Px and picked up a few things. We got in the line at 11:45 and waited for Santa. Right at noon the jolly guy arrived and walked through the line saying hello to all the children. When Santa walked up to say hello to Aubrey she put both hands on her hips and turned away! My sassy little girl. Lolo was not a fan of Santa at that point so I had to pick her up. The line was moving quickly and by 12:10 it was our turn to sit with Santa. First up, Aubrey. She still wanted nothing to do with Santa. I tried to set her in his lap and she stiffened right up and refused. Then I tried to get her to stand next to him and didn't work either. Ok, 1 kid down and no photo with Santa. Up next, Lolo. I picked her up and set her in Santa's lap and my baby was crying the entire time. She wouldn't sit with Santa and wouldn't let go of me. So, 2 kids and not a single picture of them with Santa Claus. For nearly 2 hours after we left Santa just the mere mention of his name caused Lolo to burst out into tears. My poor baby sobbed the entire time she tried to eat her lunch! I don't think we will be going to see Santa anytime soon. Thankfully Lolo is past the tears part when we mention his name.

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