Thursday, May 28, 2009

Romantic Weekend

For the long weekend we headed back up to the Rhine and stayed a couple nights. I just love the area. There are castles every couple of miles, lots of traffic along the river, cute little towns and lots of vineyards. It is an amazing place. We walked along a little spit to see the statue of Loreley and got an amazing view of The Loreley (a dangerous spot in the river where many ships crashed and it was blamed on a beautiful siren named Loreley), a couple little towns and Burg Katz.

View of the spit and Burg Katz from a hilltop

The Loreley Statue

We also drove over to visit Burg Eltz and did a quick hike down to get some great pictures there. It is amazing to think that this castle is over 700 years old and it has never been destroyed. We also passed a beautiful castle sitting on top of a vineyard. We were pretty impressed by this one, maybe because it was sprawled out across the hill rather than condensed onto on small spot along the river like many other castles in that area.

Burg Eltz

View of a castle from below

Finally, my favorite picture from the entire weekend. The 3 loves of my life sharing a sweet moment. Aubrey was picking flowers while I was taking pictures of the river below. I turned around and caught her sharing with Lolo. These are the moments that take my breath away. The view was nice but this tender picture made my day.

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