Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am a winner!

Really, I am! I love blogging and visiting other blogs. Let me tell ya that the scrapbooking industry is very generous with providing tips, contests and prizes on their blogs. I was visiting the Creating Keepsakes blog on Saturday and I left a comment to win a prize. And I won! LOL. I won a custom made set of organization tags and a Making Memories Desktop Organizer! I am absolutely thrilled because I am in the process of finally organizing my craft room so I can actually use it and the prizes are perfect! The room is a total disaster area right now and I need to get my stuff organized, bring down some toys for the girls and set up a TV and DVD player as well. We just ordered a baby gate for the room and I hope to have the room pretty much good to go once that arrives. I have been using the dining room table to work on my projects and I just hate it (and I know James does too). I can't wait to have all my supplies right on hand instead of running back and forth everytime I need something.

We did absolutely nothing this past weekend. Well, we went to lunch on Saturday but we mostly spent the weekend running errands. We really needed a slower weekend where the girls were not in the car for a large part of the day. Lolo is cutting her top 2 teeth right now and has been pretty irritable for the past few days. Aubrey is always a little crazy! She is half girlie girl and half tom boy. She might be a future WWE diva someday! From the time James gets home at night until bed she is rough housing with him. We have had plenty of fat lips around her lately because she just doesn't know that bouncing over James on the bed will launch her off the other side. I just hope Lolo isn't so rough.

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