Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching Up

Things around the Gibson house have been pretty boring this week. James has been working late because they have inspectors visiting. I honestly can't wait for this inspection to be over because he has been working late since at least November. At night it seems the girls go into over drive and I really like having him around to help a little.

Lolo is getting 4 teeth on top, not just the 2 I thought she was. I can't imagine how uncomfortable she is feeling but she is hanging in there and taking it like the super trooper she is. She has decided that naps may just not be for her (much to my dismay) unless they are in her high chair at dinner time. Twice this week she has fallen asleep while eating because she has skipped her nap. Yesterday I made her take a nap and this usually involves some serious fighting between the 2 of us.

Aubrey has decided that helping herself to food left on the counter is way better than telling me she is hungry. She also thinks that lip gloss is the perfect make up and I think it is quite possibly the hardest stuff to wash off. She was still greasy after her bath! Finally, James got out of bed on Tuesday morning and asked me where Aubrey was. I told him in her bed and we look over to see her head on the opposite end of the bed with one leg touching the floor and the other still in bed. We are assuming that she decided she wanted to crawl into bed with us but fell back asleep before she even got out of her bed. Being a mom sure does make for many funny moments!

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