Friday, July 2, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic

I can't believe we returned home from our Krakow and Prague vacation just over a month ago!  I have been procrastinating on my blog (and many other things) lately and just finished editing and re-sizing my photos from the Prague portion of the trip. 

Prague is an amazing city.  It feels old.  It looks old.  It is old.  I loved it!  There is something about this city that had me wanting to return before we even went to bed on our first night there.  I just can't explain the feelings that washed over me as I have never falling in love with a city instantly until then. 

Prague is very walkable and if you don't want to walk you can easily access public transportation.  We took the subway to Hradcany (the Castle Quarter) and walked down to Charles Bridge where we wandered around on both sides of the river.  Here are my favorite photos from the trip...

These first three were all taken around the castle and cathedral.  The cathedral is very gothic looking and it looked stunning against the blue sky.  The girls started holding hands on this trip and they look sooooo cute when they get along.  James snapped that picture just inside on of the gates into the castle grounds.  And finally a beautiful mosaic located on one of the churches. 

This is one of the towers located on the end of Charles Bridge.  The bridge is pedestrian only so artists set up along the top hoping to entice tourists into buy paintings, jewelry and other gifts as they stroll across.  There is some beautiful statues along the top of the bridge as well.

I have no information about these odd but great baby sculptures located in a park near Charles Bridge.  I found the tourists posing with them almost as funny as the sculptures themselves.

The Lennon Wall is a good sized section of a wall that was painted after John Lennon died.  The graffiti was painted over every day until the authorities finally gave up and left it alone.  Now it is an interesting bit of art.
I hope you enjoyed my very brief tour of Prague.  We will be returning in a few weeks with the hopes of sunny skies and new photos.  Thanks for stopping by.

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