Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

On the 4th of July we decided to visit the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial.  We visited Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC in May 2005 and it was so moving to visit there, especially because there is so much history but I had different feelings about visiting the cemetery in Luxembourg, mostly because I felt more sadness for the people buried here.  They died so far from home and even though I understand that their families chose to have them buried with their comrades I couldn't help but feel lonely as there were only a handful of graves that had flowers placed on them.  I guess that I think some of these American heroes have been forgotten as the years have passed.  How many people still think of their loved ones buried so far away? 

The famous General George S. Patton is also buried  here, with his men.  While he did not die during battle he wanted to be with the men he lead in war and so his request was honored. 

We felt that this was an appropriate way to spend Independence Day, remembering those who paid the ultimate price defending our freedom and way of life while protecting others at the same time.

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