Saturday, May 6, 2017

That was a long break!

I've been on the fence about either getting back to blogging or just letting it go.  I love looking back at my past entries and seeing all these parts of my life and the stories that go with them.  I've done some things that I feel are worth sharing like a cross country trip from Ohio to Seattle and back last summer.  We visited some amazing places for the first time and revisited some old favorites from our years living in the Pacific Northwest.

Badlands National Park June 2016
I've got tweens now and that brings about some new challenges.  We moved to Ohio 2 years ago and I never even mentioned it.  That was hopefully our last move.  One thing that hasn't changed is my passion for crafting.  It isn't always paper crafting these days but fiber arts as well.  I gardening for the first time ever outside of pots sitting on my patio.  These things are filling my days with creativity and joy.  I appreciate and am saddened at the same time by the fact that my girls need me less.  It allows me to do things on my own but I miss the days of tiny clothes and naps.

All of this brings me right back to the issue of continuing the blog or not.  I don't think anyone even reads them much these days but I do get visitors every week.  I feel like I want to branch out a bit so I think I'll add some new stuff and see how it goes.

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