Monday, September 30, 2013

Beech Fork Covered Bridge, Washington County, Kentucky

Beech Fork Bridge 4

As we are new to Kentucky we have the chance to do a little bit of exploring and discovering things in our area.  In early August we drove 35 minutes east to check out the Beech Fork Covered Bridge.  My husband is very good at finding out about random things so trips are often mini adventures. 

This bridge has been targeted by people armed with spray paint.  It is disappointing to see how little people respect things but at the same time it made for interesting back drops as I took a couple photos of my girls.

Beech Fork Bridge 1

Beech Fork Bridge 2

Beech Fork Bridge 3

The bridge is no longer used for vehicle traffic so we were able to walk through.  There was just enough light from the small windows that I was able to get some decent light for the photos but a bit of a challenge to find some graffiti that was appropriate for photos of my girls. 

Have you had an fun adventures recently? 

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