Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just One Venice Photo….

I was just finishing up a lovely post when I lost it…and now I want to cry.  Actually, it wasn’t so lovely but more whiney!  I hate working on my netbook!  It has a mind of its own and gives me so much grief.  You can be typing away (or simply tagging a post) when everything just disappears.  This machine is really just good for reading Facebook updates and checking email.  While the size is ideal for traveling it is not ideal for travel blogging.  The original post wasn’t long but who wants to retype stuff? 

Now that I am done whining about my netbook I thought I would share my most favorite photo taken in Venice.  We were there last week for 3 nights and we had a great time.  The weather was decent and our hotel was in a fabulous location with all of our windows looking over 2 canals.  Being located at a canal intersection was interesting and the girls loved saying hello to all the gondolas as they passed by.

June 13

We woke up early and headed out for photos before most of the other tourists started their day.  You cannot see the graffiti on Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal isn’t crowded with boats (it looks like pure chaos when it is), and there are not any customers at this restaurant where I took the photo.  I am pretty sure I am going to have this enlarged and framed in my home somewhere. 

Thanks for stopping by today and reading all my whining.  I hope you have a great day.

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