Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Barcelona!

Barcelona Boqueria 1

We made a visit to Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria and enjoyed walking though.  There is so much to see here and it made me miss Seattle’s Pike Place Market, even though Barcelona had a few more interesting things for sale!

Produce beautifully and perfectly stacked, cups of fresh fruit juices glistening with moisture from the ice they rested in, seafood so fresh some of it was still moving and fresh meat from local butchers filled the spaces in this large market.  It was hard not to wish I was a local who could shop here daily for fresh food.    

Barcelona Boqueria 2Barcelona Boqueria 8Barcelona Boqueria 6Barcelona Boqueria 5Barcelona Boqueria 4

The fresh fruit was super affordable and we picked up a large fruit salad for 2 euro and fresh fruit juice was around 1 euro per cup if you purchased more than one.  I had a blackberry banana juice and it was the best smoothie I have ever had!

We also spent a little bit of time on the beach.  The girls loved looking for shells and eventually I have to cut them off as our pockets were overflowing with small shells. 

Barcelona Beach 1Barcelona Beach 2

The advantage of going to the beach in February is that it isn’t crowded but the disadvantage being it is February and too cold for swimming.  I love the beach…the sand, the smell, the giggles from my girls but hate the water!  So I don’t mind not being able to jump in. 

Since we were on the beach we found a place for lunch.  Sangria and paella!  Surprisingly, it is difficult to find a good paella place since so many places do not make it fresh but apparently dump it all in the pan from a frozen bag!  GASP!  The horror!  JG did a lot of research on this since it is expensive and you don’t want to get ripped off.  So we found a nice place near the beach and enjoyed our paella, served to us by the owner himself, with a fantastic glass of sangria.  It was muy delicioso!

Barcelona Lunch 1Barcelona Lunch 2

Yes, lots of food in this post!  I love food…eating it, taking photos of it, admiring the beauty!  I wish I was a better food photographer but I hope you enjoyed seeing things through my viewfinder today.


Megan D said...

Looks like a very fun trip! You have so many cool experiences.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I am so envious of your trip! It looks like it was a great time!

DanaMK said...

Sounds fabulous! I've not been to Spain, not yet anyways! Mmm, sangria!!