Monday, November 21, 2011

Sibenik, Croatia

Here is another day of our Croatian vacation.  We drove down the coast from Zadar to Sibenik.  This was a lovely town with a very unique UNESCO Heritage Site.  The St. Jacob’s Cathedral has a frieze of 74 faces around the outside.  We were not permitted to take photos inside but the interior was smaller than I anticipated based on the outside.  It was beautiful and simple very much unlike the detailed exterior. 

Croatia Sibenik 4

Croatia Sibenik 6

Croatia Sibenik 11

After we left the cathedral we wandered around the town and it was so beautiful.  It had narrow alley’s with tall stone buildings.  There was lots of climbing as we made our way up the hillside.  This town had so much of an old world feel to it.  There were not a lot of people wandering about and I loved the slower pace compared to Zadar.   

Croatia Sibenik 14

Croatia Sibenik 16

Croatia Sibenik 20

Croatia Sibenik 22

Croatia Sibenik 23

Croatia Sibenik 24

Sibenik is a little gem along the Dalmatian Coast and I am glad we spent some time here.  If you are ever traveling near here it is well worth a visit. 

This was our last day along the Adriatic Sea and I tried to savor it.  I cannot believe how much I feel in love with this region!  It was truly an amazing vacation that will probably not be topped (sorry JG!).

I had no intention of dragging my Croatia blog posts out but life gets in the way.  I was reading a blog post recently by Stacy Julian and she mentioned that the longer you are away from your blog the easier it is to stay away and that really is true!  I will write up my posts from Plitvace National Park and the Lipzzaner Stud Farm and set them to auto post. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our travels.  I enjoy reading the comments and if you have any questions about our travels please feel free to ask.

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