Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rovinj, Croatia

Croatia Rovinj 27

Rovinj (roh-veen) is a small city that sits on a peninsula in the Istrian region of Croatia, about 40 minutes from Pula.  Rovinj has an Italian feel and was part of the Republic of Venice for 5 centuries but the city prospered under the Austrians during the 1800’s.  Today, you can walk the streets that all seem to climb up to the Church of St. Euphemia and beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and the harbor. 

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Rovinj has so much charm!  We walked up to the Church of St. Euphemia and enjoyed the view, the old world feeling and people watching.  Along the way as I was taking the photo of Aubrey and the grapes a nice local woman was chatting with James and Lolo.  The lady was smitten by Lolo and give her a bracelet and when she saw Aub and I she gave another one to Aub.  It was so generous and thoughtful of her to do that and the girls just loved feeling so special.  We tried to offer her some money but she didn’t want it.

As we walked back down the hill we came across the adorable little kitten who was sweet, fairly friendly and not camera shy.  We bid him adieu and made our way down to the farmer’s market where vendors were busy trying to sell  us truffle oil, olive oil and many different fruits and vegetables but we didn’t get anything even though it was tempting.  Right across the street from the market is the Communist-Era Monument which stands out in contrast to the old feeling of the city.

I really loved Rovinj and it is a fantastic day trip from Pula.  The cities are so different from each other and it is an easy way to experience more culture.  Pula is industrial where Rovinj is more traditional.  Honestly, I loved Croatia!  Even though the trip is still fresh I smile when I think about this lovely country and the amazing time we had on vacation.  I still have many more photos to share so thanks to those who have stuck around to see them. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

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DanaMK said...

Beautiful photos! I love seeing your travels through Europe...and living vicariously through you! :)