Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Garland Wreath

The stars have finally aligned and I was able to actually add a photo to my blog!  I have had the hardest time with Blogger lately.  I am not sure if it is due to our slooooow internet connection or changes that Blogger has made but it has been nothing but frustrating for me as of late.  Here is my next DIY project....a super simple and fast Halloween wreath using nothing but a 12 foot Halloween garland that I picked up, a cardboard circle and some hot glue.

I used a 12 inch cardboard cake circle and removed the center after tracing a large bowl and using a box cutter.  I actually ran out of garland about 3 inches from the end so I would recommend using a 10 inch circle for a 12 foot garland.  I was able to use a piece of black garland from last Halloween to piece it together but meant a little extra work removing the pumpkins from it and then cutting some bats from the back side of the wreath to glue onto the front so it looks the same.  I simply hot glued the garland in place as I wrapped it around the circle.  I tied a 8 inch piece of black ribbon around the top before hot gluing a bat I cut from poster board on to the wreath.  The bat helped cover my pieced together garland. 

This project took me 15 minutes and I used supplies I had on hand, minus the cost of the garland which was $6 and I picked it up at the Post Exchange about a month ago.  The garland is fluffy enough that you would not really need a foam or metal wreath form unless you wanted to or have one on hand.

I am linking up with Eighteen25 for this post...if you haven't visited their blog before you really should!  It is full of great ideas.

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