Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Tea Party

Last Thursday was gorgeous!  The temperature was 70 degrees and the sun was shining and I knew our days of beautiful weather are numbered so I put tutus on the girls and set up a tea party for them outside.  I am so glad I did this!  Aubrey and Lorelei had such a great time and I was able to get a few great photos.  Win for all of us! 

I purchased the tutus from Paisley and Posies on and I have been more than satisfied with my purchases from here.  The adorable smiling pink tea pot is from Fisher-Price.  It was a Christmas gift for the girls last year and this has gotten a ton of use and it has taken a beating and still works like a charm.  It sings and talks and makes real tea pot noises. 

I challenge you to surprise your kids with something special this week!  I bet there will be lots of smiles from everyone. 

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