Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up

I have seriously neglected my blog! We haven't been busy or away, I just have put blogging off to the side for a bit. I have been rather productive as far as completing some projects so far this month. I finished making a calendar for my dad and I put together a diaper cake for a friend who just had a baby boy.

This was my first attempt at making a diaper cake and I was in a hurry while shopping so when I got home I realized two things. First, the diapers had a pattern on them. I bought diapers I would use on my own babies so avoided the ones I knew would be totally plain white. Using the patterned diapers just added an extra step in assembling this project. Secondly I learned that attempting to shop with a screaming toddler makes planning things out in my head impossible. I ended up with a bunch of stuff that didn't coordinate the way I had hoped.

You can see the finished diaper cake below. I covered the diapers in a solid cream fabric and then wrapped the outside in some Martha Stewart ribbon. I used the fabric because the diapers clashed with the ribbon and everything else I bought. It was fairly easy to finish but I am pretty sure I will not be making another diaper cake in the future.

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Lydia said...

such a beautiful gift!!